What is Paper I and Paper II?

Paper I – If you wish to become a teacher of classes I to V, then you must be eligible for Paper I, appear in it, and qualify it.
Paper-II – If you wish to become a teacher of classes VI to VIII, then you must be eligible for Paper II, appear in it, and qualify it.
Qualifying Marks in APTET
APTET is a qualifying exam, not a competitive exam. This means that all candidates who get the pre-defined qualifying mark clear the exam. There is no upper cap on the number of candidates who can qualify. Thus, set your target as the qualifying marks, and you will definitely make through!

Category Pass Marks
OC 60%

BC 50%

SC / ST / DA / Ex-S 40%

APTET 2019 Exam Pattern
Since you are here looking for details of the exam, the most important piece of information to start with is the exam pattern. Basically, it gives you an overview of the exam. This is the starting point for your preparation.

Features of APTET that are common to paper I and II:

Both papers have multiple-choice questions.
Question papers will be bilingual (English and Language I chosen by candidates for all Languages except Sanskrit. Those who chose Sanskrit will get paper in Telugu followed by Sanskrit).
Marking scheme

You get 1 mark for the correct answer
There is no negative marking
Paper I
S.No. Subject                                                                                                      No. of Qs Marks
1 Child Development and Pedagogy                                                                      30        30
2 Language I (anyone among Telugu, Urdu, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, and Odiya) 30         30
3 Language II (English)                                                                                         30         30
4 Mathematics                                                                                                         30         30
5 Environmental Studies                                                                                          30          30
Total                                                                                                                 150            150
Duration of exam: 2.5 hours

Important Notes

You should choose that language in Language I which you have studied either as a medium of study or as primary language up to class X.
In language, I, language II, mathematics, EVS each, 24 questions will be on content and 6 on the pedagogy of that language.