2020 DSC TET Daily Test-Day19-Test1( VIII SS 12,13,14)


💥👆Let it go! Find it in your heart to forgive yourself for your past mistakes.

Whatever mistakes you committed in the past happened because of your ignorance at the time.

Many people still worry too much about their past and deprive themselves of the goodness of the present and greatness that awaits them in the future.

Know that one of the things you can't change in life is your past. That is why It's called the past. Let it go!
Forgive yourself of those mistakes you made that are affecting you negatively now. You are still here to correct those misdeeds to have a good present and a better future.
Whenever the thoughts of your bad past come, you mustn't let them be what stops you but rather let them be the force that drives you to forge ahead in pursuit of a successful life.
It is not over for you. Someone that hasn't made a mistake hasn't tried anything new. Believe you can still achieve. It is still possible!
You deserve something good despite your past. You deserve success!