By meditating we get subtle powers – not to use them for ourselves but in order to be able to serve better. 

Meditation and study are for better service. As long as we don’t make a right use of what we get, nothing deeper can be given to us. 

The wisdom or the teacher of wisdom feel obliged to reveal more to us only when we make good use of what we have received.

In all prayers and meditations, we should think of the welfare of mankind as a whole. 

This work has to be intensified so that the energy of those can be neutralized who act with very much violence and force and who have a selfish intention behind. We invoke the Avatar of Synthesis: 

“May He lift up the earth to the Kings of Beauty.” For this uplift, we must not aspire toward our individual enlightenment, but we have to try to be of use for the whole.

If we don’t have the attitude of serving it is dangerous to meditate.