English Poets List in Class 10 English | DSC 2024

English Poets List in Class 10 English | DSC 2024 


English Poets List in Class 10 English | DSC 2024

1. Every Success Story is also a Story of Great Failures

Author : Shiv Khera ( Born in Kendura, Dhanbad india)

He is an indian author of self-help books and activist

He was inspired by Norman Vincent Peale

His mission - to ensure freedom through education and justice

Books : You Can Win


2. I Will Do it

Author : Sudha Murthy (W/o N.R.Narayana Murthy)

She is an indian social worker and author

She is the chairperson of the Infosys Foundation

She established the "The Murthy Classical Library of India" at Harvard University

She composed a fiction "Doller Sose"

The present story selection from

"How I taught my grandmother to read & other stories


3. The Dear Departed

Author : William Stanley Houghton (1881 - 1913)

He was a famous english dramatist

The dear departed was first produced in Manchester in 1908


4. The Brave Potter

Author : Margurite Siek

He was very much interested in telling folk and mythological stories of asia

The present story "The Brave Potter" is a very popular telugu one collected by him from india


5. The Journey

Author : Yeshe Dorje Thongehi ( May 1952 )

This story translated by "D.P.Nath"

Thongehi writes friction, drama and eassys in Assamese and english

He was received a national recognition for his novel "Mouna Ounth Mukhar Hriday"(this novel won the Sahitya Academi Award I 2005 )

Thongehi novels deal with the culture life of the Mouna and the Sherdukpen tribes of arunachal pradesh

Books : Sonam


6. Once Upon a time

Author : Grabiel Okara ( african poet, born in Nigeria 1921 )

His poems appeared regularly in black orpheus

Novel : Voice


7. What is my name ?

Author : P.Satyavathi

Translated by " Vadrevu Vijayalaxmi and Rangarao"

Satyavathi has published four anthologies of short stories, five novels and a collection of eassys

The story "What is my name ?" Is originally published as "Illalakagane Pandagouna" in Telugu 1990


8. Or will the dreamer wake ?

Author : Chevalier (21st century)

In this poem she writes about how the animals would become extinct if they are not protected


9. My Childhood

Author : APJ Abdul Kalam ( 15 oct 1931 - Rameswaram )

He bacame 11th president of india on 25 july 2002

Books :

India 2020 - a vision for the new millenium

My Journey

Ignited minds - unleashing the power within india

Awards :

Honorary doctarates from 30 universities

Padma Bhusan(1981), Padalma Vibhusan(1990)

Bharata Ratna(1997)