X Class Biology Most Important bits For IIIT



1.-----------------------vitamin synthesised by the bacteria present in the intestine....

2.The end products of photosynthesis  are ----------------------------

3.6co2 +12H2o ----lightchlorophyll-----------→→--------------------+-----------------=+----------------

4.Sites of photosynthesis  are -------------------------------

5.The reaction takes place in grana  which is light  dependent  is ---------------------------

6.Dark reaction takes place  in -------------------------

7.smallest pockets of light energy  are called -----------------------

8.The other name of light reaction ---------------------------

9.The splitting  of water molecule is called ------------------------

10.The end products of light reaction are --------------------

11.simplified equation for  photosynthesis  was proposed by -----------------------------

12.example for complex carbohydrates ---------------------------------

13.The stored form of food in plants -----------------------

14.Removal of chlorophyll –ii  from a leaf done by ----------------------

15.Iodine solution  is used to test the presence of ----------------------

16.In iodine test blue black colour   indicates  in the presence of ---------------------

17.Destarching   takes  a period of  --------------------------

18.Chemical formula of potassium hydroxide  is --------------------------

19.Hydrilla plant experiment reveals -----------------------

20.Chloroplast  was discovered by------------------------

21.In amoeba  ---------------------------------are helpful to capturing  the food .

22.The digestive juice  which contains no enzymes ------------------------------

23.Carbohydrates digestion did not  occurs in -----------------------------

24.The chemical condition in stomach --------------------------


25.The completely  digested  food  in small intestine  is called -----------------------

26.cane sugar is called -----------------------------

27. finger like projections  in  small intestines  are called ---------------------------

28.The end products of carbohydrates are -----------------------------

29.The end products of  proteins  are -----------------------------

30.Vitamins are discovered by ---------------------------------

31.scurvey deasese is due to  -----------------------

32.Free vitamin is ------------------

33.-------------------------------part of the plant takes  in co2  from the  air  for photosynthesis .

34.universal food providers for all living  things .-------------------------------

35.Chemical  formula of glucose is ---------------------

36The presence of  starch  will be indicated by --------------------------colour .

37.Oxygen  was discovered by ----------------.

38.The light reaction was discovered by -----------------------

39.Black paper or light screen experiment is done to direct the importance of ------------------------

40.The name chloroplast was coined by------------------------------

41.Assimilatory  powers are -----------------------------

42.The length of  alimentary canal  in a man ---------------------------

43.No.of salivary glands    are  in a man --------------------------

44.The name of the enzyme present in saliva -------------------------

45.Pepsin converts proteins in to ---------------------

46.Enzyme trypsin is secreted by ------------------------

47.Amylase converts -----------------------------------in to maltose sugar .

48.The fat  soluble vitamins are ------------,---------------

49.water soluble vitamins are ---------------,---------------------

50.--------------------------------is caused  by protein deficiency..

51.-------------------------------------desease is caused by deficiency of  proteins and calories .

52.The chemical name of C vitamin is ----------------------

53.The vitamin is available in morning sunrays ------------------------

54.Fertility  disarders are due to the deficiency of ------------------------------vitamin

55.Blood  clotting is delayed  due to the deficiency of  ---------------------------vitamin

56.Beri beri disease is due the deficiency  of ------------------------------------

57---------------------------vitamin is also called as  sunshine vitamin


58.The chemical name of  vitamin  E---------------------------------

59.Night blind ness is due the deficiency of  -------------------------------vitamin

60---------------------------------------are the or the organisms capable  of using energy  to synthesis chemical compounds

61.-----------------------------------Scientist  believed that  plants get nutrients not only from the soil and also from the  other sources

62.The  plants containing the green colour pigment is -----------------------

63.----------------------------------gas utilised in photosynthesis process

64.Name of the scintist  showed o2 is released  from the water molecule

65.-----------this experiment  conducted by ------------------------------

66------------------and ----------------------scientists who obtained an extract of green pigment named chlophyll..

67.-------------------------------scientist found that chlorophyll  is  present  in chloroplast

68.The ---------------------------part of the chloroplast is  helpful to traping solar energy

69.The chlorophyll pigment contain  one atom of  -------------------------

70.The haemoglobin  contains  the metal is

71.ATP means   ------------------------------

72.NADPH means ---------------------------------

73.In amoeba complexfood substances  are broken down in to simple ones  takes place in ----------

74.Name of the acid release in stomach ------------------------------

75.The parcially digested food  in stomach is called -------------------------

76.Bile juice is secreted by --------------------------

77.The obsorption   of digested food  takes place in ----------------------

78.The passage of un digested food material from the body by way of anus is called -------------------

79.The chemical name of D vitamin is ------------------------

80.The chemical name of K vitamin is -----------------------

81.The name of the disease which is due the deficiency of D vitamin is-----------------------

82.The passage of degested food through the walls of alimentary tract is called -------------------------

83.The process of breaking  down of complex molecules in to simple molecules is called ---------