Pre-University Course (PUC) Complete Mathematic sem-1 with solutions

Pre-University Course (PUC) Complete Mathmatics sem-1 with solutions

Pre-University Course (PUC) Complete Mathematics sem-1 with solutions - Here is the complete solutions-  AP IIIT PUC Semister -1 Mathematics Effective from 2020-21 Admitted Batch Onwards.

Course Structure and Detailed Syllabi In Pre-University Course (PUC)

Unit - I (14 Hours) FUNCTIONS: Introduction to functions, Types of functions, Inverse functions, Exponential function, Logarithmic function, Graphs of functions and Exponential equation.

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Unit - II (09 Hours) LINEAR INEQUALITIES: Linear Inequalities in one variable, Inequalities involving Absolute values, System of linear in equations.

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Unit – III (09 Hours) PROGRESSIONS: Sequences and series, Arithmetic progression, Geometric progression, Harmonic progression. PRINCIPLE OF MATHEMATICAL INDUCTION: Sums of Natural Numbers, Principle of Mathematical Induction

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Unit – IV (10 Hours) TRIGONOMETRIC FUNCTIONS: Angles and coordinate Lines, Trigonometric functions of acute angles, Trigonometric functions of General angles, Graphs of Trigonometric functions, Reductions to Functions of positive acute angles.

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Unit-V TRIGONOMETRIC FUNCTIONS OF MULTIPLE ANGLES: (08Hours) Trigonometric functions of two angles, Trigonometric functions of multiple angles, Trigonometric functions of Sub-Multiple angles, Inverse Trigonometric functions

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Unit – VI (10 Hours) STRAIGHT LINES: Cartesian Coordinates, Locus, Slope of a line (Angle between two lines), Various forms of the equation of a line, Parallel and perpendicular lines, General equation of a line, Distance of a point from a line( Distance between Parallel lines), Family of lines.

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